The Clock is Ticking

Hello again everyone.

Tick, tick, tick … Can you hear it?  Listen carefully.  Tick, tick, tick …  Its the sound of the Scooter clock.  Ticking down, down, down.  Down to the time Scooter will make her entrance into this wild world of ours.  I CAN’T WAIT!!!!


The Fabulous One

The Fabulous One is soooooo very uncomfortable because Scooter wants O.U.T.  She wants to see the world … and most especially, she wants to see her Mom and Dad.  And a whole lot of people want to see her.

Official due date is Monday.  Don’t expect Scooter to come early.  Scooter’s Mom is not one to deliver things in advance of the due date.  Just ask her professors at SLU.  The Fabulous One is a last minute kind of gal.  So, how could you reasonably expect her daughter to be any different??

While we wait, I think it wise for the rest of us to chill.  Have a drink or two or three.  Watch some movies or tv shows.  Stay away from political news.  Try not to bother the Fabulous One with phone calls and texts about her “status”.  No reason to make her feel less comfortable.  Let her call you.  She’s got nothing else to do now that she is off work.

Lets take a deep breath …

Thanks for reading and stay tuned.

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