Rocky Mountain National Park

Hello again everyone.

I know its only March, and Scooter has not yet revealed herself, but my mind is on vacation and Rocky Mountain National Park.  The Old Lady and I have a campsite reserved in Glacier Basin Campground for the week of July 8-15.  The week AFTER Rojass’ 27th birthday.  (Can you believe she is that old?)

Its been a long time since we spent a week In Rocky Mountain.  That may be because our last stay there involved one night in Drake … where there were many flies and stinky pit toilets and Llamas.  Good times … good times.


Rocky Mountain is also one of the places we camped when the girls were wee ones.  Its where they got their first cowboy hats and boots.  Where they dropped rocks on each other’s heads.  Where Mimi was with us on our way back from Steamboat.  And, of course, where Jane toddled at the Alluvial Fan.

So many memories.  Such good times.

jameson-irish-whiskey-bourbon-intelligencerThis is the year we are going to relive those memories … except for the toddling, please, Jane.  And the rock dropping, Jane.  And you’ll have to buy your own hat this time, Hollywood.  Maybe I’ll buy some boots for myself.  And the Old Lady and I plan to not have to spend so much time keeping track of the troops.

I know it will be difficult for us to leave Scooter with her parents in St. Louis, but I doubt the Fabulous One will let her out of her sight for very long — even at 4 months.  As many of you know, Jane went camping when she was just 6 months old.  She’s no worse for the wear.  Maybe Scooter will be ready to go by Labor Day weekend.  At Babler, perhaps?

IMG_2772If you are not presently planning on joining us on this summer’s adventure, I suggest you get your head straight and make some plans — Sharpshooter, Jamboree, Rojass, Jamie (the Doctor) and Neal (the Lawyer) and other hangers on.  Make your plans.  Tell your employer/boss/school that you’ll be outta here for the week of July 8-15 or some portion thereof.


Plan to chill, plan to drink, plan to eat, and plan for some moderate exercise to keep (or take) the LBS off.  Sharpshooter, get that new knee in shape.  Jamboree, give Sharpshooter proper encouragement.  Doctor and Later — its time Alice experienced a big time camping trip.

Lets go, lets fight, lets WIN.  Lets make Summer great again!!!

Thanks for reading and stay tuned.

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