May God’s Grace Shine Upon Us

Hello again everyone.

It was 5:23 AM and the Old Lady and I awakened by the sound of a text alert on the Old Lady’s iPhone.  It was Andrew, announcing that he and the Fabulous One were on their way to the hospital to let Scooter out.  It seems she wants out and the Fabulous One wants her out and the Doctor wants her out.  So, she’s getting out!!

Its so exciting!!!!!!!  (And amazingly on time.)

Rojass is predicting:

Just saying: I think she’ll have dark hair and blue eyes. 8 lbs 4 ounces. 20.6 inches.

It is now 10:58 AM.  No further updates.  WE WANT TO KNOW WHAT’s GOING ON!!!!

The Old Lady just reported (11:00 AM):

Making good progress.  Starting epidural 😬

The Fabulous One will love the epidural.  It will help her “chill”.  Come on, Scooter!!  We are rooting for you!

Another update from the Old Lady (11:32 AM):

Should have baby by this afternoon!!!❤

Go, Scooter, GO!!!!

Another update from the Old Lady (1:06 PM):

Annie is good. She is very chatty with the nurses and medical staff. 🙂  Not sure about baby by supper… but we’re thinking sometime this evening possibly

Sounds to me like the Fabulous One is not working hard enough.  I think its time to stop the shenanigans.  Scooter wants OUT!!!  NOW!!!

Now its 5:07 pm.  No further developments.  The Fabulous One must be tired of all of this by now.  All her life she has done things FAST.  Born fast, rode bikes fast, ate fast.  You’d think she would birth fast.  But then again, I don’t know nothin’ about birthin’ no babies.

Update from Andrew (5:10 PM):

Nurse has been in a few more times and things have picked up. I’ll provide another update when I can.

Go, Scooter, GO!!!!

I’m at home now.  We’ve eaten a lovely dinner prepared by Jane with some help from Hollywood.  I crashed for a nap.  Rojass came over to have me check out her computer.  She doused it with coffee … seems like it might be OK.

I made a trip to Walgreens for some prescriptions and then to Lowe’s to pick up the appropriate tool to open Rojass’ computer.  No luck.  All the bits I bought don’t fit.

The Old Lady, Rojass and Hollywood went for a walk.  Trying to kill the time waiting for the next update.  What is going on???

OK, so the ladies are back from their walk and it is now 10:37 PM.  No updates since.  Hollywood, Rojass, Jane, the Old Lady and I are sitting in the living room watching Bad Moms.  Yes, Bad Moms.  There is a lot of talk about heading over to the Hospital to find out what is going on.  But then sanity settles in and no  one wants to incur the wrath of a woman in labor.

So we will just keep watching Bad Moms. So far, bad movie.

Go, Scooter, GO!!!

Update from Andrew (10:47 PM):

Baby is here and she is perfect and healthy! Annie and baby are both well. We may be in this room another twenty minutes. If grandparents want to come for a short visit that’s fine, but we are still working on feeding and are very exhausted from the day and need to keep it short.

Alleluia!!!  Alleluia!!!  Thank God for a perfect little girl.  And now we can stop watching the movie and head over to the hospital to see for ourselves!!  But first I shall read this blog post to my adoring public before we go.  I’m so proud of it.  (Its driving them crazy.  They aren’t even paying attention.)

Off to the hospital we go …


Just got home from seeing Grace Elizabeth (Scooter)  Kinghorn, the Fabulous One and Andrew at the hospital.  Its now 12:26 AM. And a Thunderstorm is bearing down on us!

Grace is gorgeous!!! A perfect pink little face with whispy brownish hair.  All bundled up in not one, but two blankets.  The Fabulous One was smiling from ear to ear.  A very proud Mama.  Andrew, too, was all smiles.  Happy that Grace came out to join us.  And happy that everyone is healthy.

Grace is 8 lbs, 11 oz and 21-1/4 inches long.  We all agreed that Rojass won the prize for predicting the correct day.  Now we need to decide what the prize is.

IMG_3493 2

Maybe a night of babysitting Grace?


Isn’t Grace just perfect?  She makes everyone smile.  Thank you God.  We love your Grace.  And we look forward to helping take care of her and watching her grow up to be one of your wonderful Angels.

Annie and Andrew, we love you!!  Congratulations to all involved!!

Thanks for reading and stay tuned.

3 thoughts on “May God’s Grace Shine Upon Us

  1. WOW What a post! Congratulations to the whole James/Kinghorn family. Glad to hear that Scooter and “The Fabulous One” are doing well.

    One of your numerous illiterate readers

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