Remember When?

Hollywood’s Thoughts About Vacation

A Look Back on the Tour

Hello Everyone! Hollywood here in the front seat of the James Family’s big silver van. Willis is asleep in the back so I thought I would steal his keyboard for a bit and tell my perspective and thoughts on this great adventure.


Hollywood, sans sunglasses.

The past two weeks of this adventure have been full of fun and plenty of food. 🙂 The first week was just like old times with the gang chilling and enjoying nature. It was gun and just perfect. Of course we missed Jamboree, Sharp Shooter, Uncle Bill, and Aunt Ramey, but we managed to have a blast even though they weren’t there. Now you all know a lot about the first week. It’s that mysterious second week that nobody really knows about.

Week number two had many titles: The Mar, Mar, and Bubba Tour, The No, We’re Not Kidding Tour, & The Where’s Willis Tour. Mom, Dad and I had a very interesting adventure that included waaaayyy too many McDonalds, and other fast food places. We didn’t necessarily eat meals there, but I sure am tired of seeing the insides of those places.(actually we mainly lived off of turkey sandwiches and jerky for a few days.)

I guess I should have known when we started planning the trip at a table in a McDonalds in Delta, Colorado. We sat down after taking the girls to the airport and looked at the possibilities of where to go. I suggested California in the beginning as something of a joke because I had already been there once this summer and had a great time there.

Little did I know that Mr. Ringo would take me seriously. We got out the map and started planning a trip there. Destination: Grover Hot Springs, CA. So, we bought some jerky and got on the road the next day. We passed the Salt Lake (which is a place full of gnats and bad luck.), the salt flats, and the desert. As soon as we got to California we were finally greeted by green trees, happy cows, and no cell service.

The place where we stayed was beautiful. It had tall Jeffery pines with HUGE pine cones. There was also a gorgeous meadow with a bench so people could just sit have zen moments.
Now everyone it seemed had a dog in this campground, and one day when I made a visit to the bathroom I walked in and was greeted by one of these dogs. It was a little wiener dog that started growling and barking at me. All of the sudden I heard a lady calling her dog and tugging at his leash that led under the stall door. I thought “okay, thats odd.” As I try another door, this little beagle with these puppy dog eyes crawls out from under this door and starts growling at me too. Talk about weird right.

So besides the doggy potty people and the lack of water (we forgot to get some before we set up.) it was a fabulous stay at Grover Hot Springs.

However, it would have been nicer if we had gotten a campsite in Yosemite. Grover was a little farther away from Yosemite than was convenient. This would have allowed us to see more of beautiful Yosemite than we did and would have saved us a four hour ride back to camp on the winding mountain roads with crazy nighttime Willis at the wheel. Not that it wasn’t fun. Willis was being chased by a man with his brights on and made comments that made Mom and I laugh.

We had a fabulous time on our second week adventure and I personally had a great time hanging with just my parents all week. Cheyanne figured out that we will be going through a grand total of eight states and its a rounded figure of two thousand miles from California back to St. Louis. Out of those states we even go through one of my favorite states, Wyoming. We were four hours away from the Grand Tetons and did not go. It was extremely depressing. It would have cured us of our pie craving.(we didn’t have pie alllll week, i think thats a record for us.) Anyway, this trip as a whole was a great one and I am already looking forward to next vacation. (how sad is that?)

On the way home we have had an interesting time with Willis and his thoughts on the state of the American Truck Stops, but I think I’ll let him tell you more about that and the many Subway sandwiches that we have eaten.

This is Hollywood. Signing out. 🙂

Sunday, August 1, 2010

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