Name Harassment

Hello again everyone.

Hollywood and the Old Lady are driving me nuts.  “What do you want to be called?  How about ‘Gramps’?”  “… or NoNo … NoNo.  Ha ha ha, snort, snort snort”.  Its never ending.

51060497845__D2DD6796-5D2E-4823-A30E-955DFF5F6E8DWent to Schmitty’s for dinner.  The Old Lady started looking up the word “Grandpa” in various languages.  Almost ruined my chicken fried steak!
My granddaughter doesn’t even know her own name yet, and everyone is worried about what she will call me.  Seems premature.  (Too soon for the literally challenged.)

Not to give in to all the commotion, but I am currently favoring “Papi“.  No, not Big Papi.  I intend to keep my weight under control … and someone else has already laid claim to that name.  Just “Papi”.

Thanks for reading and stay tuned.


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