Trip to Grace’s House

Hello again everyone.

This morning the Old Lady woke me at the crack of dawn and announced that we would be leaving for Grace’s house at 9:30 am.  Huh?  “She’ll be there later in the day”, I thought to myself.  No need to be the early bird.  (See my previous post on that subject.)

The Old Lady showered and then came over to check and see if I was still awake.  No.  But “I am now.”  I thought.  “Can you make me some coffee?” I asked, as I rolled over to look at the clock.  Taking the coffee request as an indication I would be getting up, the Old Lady headed off to the kitchen.

A few minutes later I heard the tell tale sound of the coffee maker finishing its brewing process.  OK (dammit) I guess its time to “get going”.  I rolled over and got up.

Having finished a few work things and eaten breakfast, we loaded the car and headed out for Grace’s place.

We had a few errands to run, but we finally arrived.  Grace was sleeping.  Andrew, too.  The Fabulous One looked worn out.  Up most of the night, keeping Grace fed.  (Babies may not eat much at a time, but they do it often.  Much like Hobbits.)  After a few minutes, Andrew came out of the bedroom and offered to bring Grace out.  (She was still sleeping.)

There are a couple of “nevers” in basic child care.  #1:  Never shake a baby.  #2:  Never wake a baby.  So, I mentioned #2 and we left Grace to wake on her own.

IMG_6013Finally awake, it was time for a change (of diapers) and a snack.  It seems she was not quite content and didn’t want a snack until she had a second change.  She had quickly peed after the first change and she wasn’t having a snack with a wet diaper.  (So particular is she.)

After the snack, she went quickly back to sleep and was held by all who would have her (including me).  I let her hold my thumb.  Her hand is just big enough to get a good grip on a thumb.  And such cute little finger nails.  Perfect little fingers.

I asked the Fabulous One about when she planned to paint her nails purple.  It seems that is not allowed until age 2 or so.  Babies put their hands in their mouths a lot.  Nail polish would not be good for them.  (Is there a product idea here.  Baby nail polish that is actually of some nutritional value and lasts at least a few hours?)

Would anyone buy that?

Our time with Grace (the Fabulous One and Andrew) came to an end after lunch.  On the way home I had the idea of calling Grace … her first phone call!  Mariann dialed up the phone and I said “Hi.  Is Grace there?”  The Fabulous One said “I’m sorry, she’s sleeping.” To which I replied, “I wanted to see if I could come over and play.”  The Fabulous One, not missing a beat, said “Maybe tomorrow.”  And that was that.  Grace’s first phone call.

There will be so many firsts over the next few weeks and months.  I’m looking forward to as many of them as I can work myself into.

Thanks for reading and stay tuned.




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