Grace Had a Bath

Hello again everyone.

BREAKING NEWS:  Grace Elizabeth Kinghorn had her first bath.  (OK, so by the time this posts it will not be breaking news, but what in the heck.  I already posted something today and I want to keep the queue filled.  Oh, the travails of a blogger.)


Seeing as it is birthday plus 10, (March 15) I say its about time (particularly when I think of how many times Grace has likely messed her diaper in the plus 10 since birth).

Is that a sheep on her hoodie?  Very cute.  I think sheep hoodies should be more in vogue generally.  Especially among LA Rams fans.

It also appears Grace may have had her bath in the kitchen.  (The tile work looks great, Andrew!)  I’m sure this is much easier on Momma’s back than the bathtub.

Ok, then.  Lets hope its not another plus 10 before Grace gets her next cleaning.  I don’t want to be holding a “ripe” child.

Thanks for reading and stay tuned.



PS:  Louie and Lilly were “expressed” today in case anyone cares.  Thanks, Hollywood!



2 thoughts on “Grace Had a Bath

  1. I am very confused about the Sheep / Rams reference. Obviously I am more literarially challenged that I realized.

    Also, YIKES – I did not need to know about the EXPRESSIONS.

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