It Might Be Out of Hand

Hello again everyone.

Everybody likes a baby.  People hold babies, coo at babies, swing babies, change babies, and generally just adore them.  I understand why.  I was a parent and had four adorable little girls. And I have a granddaughter. So blessed.

My granddaughter, like most babies, is one of the most photographed persons on the planet.  I enjoy receiving a photo or two every day.  Not a day goes by without a new photo. I love it and insist that this continue.  For what is a day without a picture of your granddaughter??

For example, its St. Patrick’s Day.  And I received the following photo:


Isn’t she cute, despite the ridiculous thing on her head??  (She seems to be saying “Now Mom, do I have to wear this?  I look like some kind of St. Patrick’s Day Easter Rabbit.”

I think most Moms like dressing their babies up in all kinds of outfits and headwear.  My counsel here is not to let this kind of thing get out of hand.  The green rabbit ears here … out of hand.  The head gear is big enough for a person with the largest head ever.

So, Fabulous One, tone it down a bit.  Keep it tasteful and fashionable.  Like this cute outfit:





And keep sending me photos.

Thanks for reading and stay tuned.


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