Mur & Mur Have March Madness

Hello again everyone.

Its March.  And what does that mean??  Why March Madness, of course.  Basketballs bouncing all over the place.  Almost 1,000 young lads in shorts, hoping their team will be the last standing.  All wanting to be crowned “National Champions”.

And somehow, this Madness overshadows Spring Training!

The Old Lady really likes March Madness.  She and Hollywood are presently obsessed with it.  If there is a game on television, we are tuned to it.  They yell when their players (players on the teams they favor) miss free throws or commit a turnover.  They become despondent when their teams lose.  Its crazy.  Its Madness!!

This year the Old Lady challenged me to fill out a bracket.  I was getting ready to head out to work and I noticed the Old Lady’s bracket was secured to the refrigerator with a magnet … directly at my eye level.  Hollywood’s bracket was also trapped between a magnet and the stainless steel surface of the fridge.  They were taunting me.

The first thing I did when I got to the office was find and fill out a bracket.

IMG_0145Having returned home that afternoon, I secured my bracket the official bracket holder.  Jane complained that we didn’t pick Marquette to go far enough.  We told her that unless she took the time to fill out a bracket, she couldn’t complain.  Next thing you know, the fridge has a fourth bracket and everyone is playing the game.





I should mention that Marquette did not win any games.  Glad I only picked them to win one.

Thanks for reading and stay tuned.



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