Gifts for Grace

Hello again everyone.

Earlier this week I posted something about outfits and headgear for babies.  In particular, this post was about St. Patrick’s Day headgear that my Gracie was wearing in a photograph.


The Fabulous One (Gracie’s mother) seemed to object to my criticism of the outfit by stating:  “THE HEADBAND WAS A GIFT!!”  (Yelling, no less.)

Lets unpack this, shall we?

You think that just because someone gave you something means that you have to make Gracie wear it?  I don’t think so!!  If someone gives you something ridiculous or ugly, you are not required by anyone’s law to make Gracie wear it.  This is where re-gifting comes into play.  And no one has to know.

After all, I’m sure that Gracie’s parents have received LOTS of outfits as gifts for Gracie.  Most, I’m sure, are adorable.  A few, not so much.  You don’t have to dress her in it if its “not so much”.

What qualifies as “not so much” in my book?

Well, that ridiculous St. Patrick’s Day headgear, for one.  (If you had purchased it yourself, Fabulous One, I would understand your having her wear it.  But then we would have another problem — shopping for Gracie.)

Other “not so much” items include:  anything with Cubs on it; anything the Old Lady doesn’t like; and anything that makes Gracie look ridiculous, stupid, or crazy.

So, the lesson to be learned here is:  There is a place for re-gifting clothing and headgear given to you for Gracie’s wardrobe.  (Unless the Old Lady or the Aunt Squad gave it to you.)

Thanks for reading and stay tuned.

2 thoughts on “Gifts for Grace

  1. Noooooo, I think the lesson to be learned here is, “your taste in infant clothing is not “with it!”
    Grace looks great in the headband!

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