Say, What??

Hello again everyone.

Another day, another idiot.  Consider this story —

(NEWSER) – An Australian teenager mauled after getting drunk and jumping into a crocodile-infested river to impress a woman he had just met denies being “one of the stupidest people around.” “Haters gonna hate,” says 18-year-old Lee De Paauw, per the Courier-Mail. He suffered gouges and two broken bones in his left arm Saturday night after jumping into the river near the town of Innisfail, Queensland, and being attacked by a croc almost immediately. De Paauw says after drinking around 10 cups of “goon”—Aussie slang for boxed wine—he told British backpacker Sophie Paterson that “backpackers are more likely to get eaten by crocodiles than Australians, so we decided to go down to the river and test the theory.”

He denies being one of the stupidest people around.

Yeah, right.  If he had died, he would have been considered for a Darwin Award.

Source: Australian Teen Lee De Paauw Mauled by Crocodile After Jumping in River to Prove Point

Thanks for reading and stay tuned.

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