Not Going to be a Good Day

Hello again everyone.

This morning, after I dragged my sorry self out of bed, I let Lilly out and got the leash for Louis.  He, too, wanted to go out and sniff the world.

As usual, he squirmed while I tried to hook up his leash, but soon we were out the door.  It was my intention to just hook him up to the industrial strength thing in the yard.  But Louis would have none of that.  He absolutely refused to go in the direction I needed him to go.  As the Fabulous One would say “No Fuckin Way”.

So I let him lead me where he wanted to go.  Then it happened.  Out of the sky came a bird bomb.  A grayish white blob of bird shit.  And it landed on Louis’ back.  I was mortified.  Louis didn’t even notice.

I looked up to see where the rascal was, but no joy.  Apparently this was done while flying and not while sitting.  And with such good accuracy!  I cleaned off the offending blob and Louis is as good as new.

Anyway, I think that this is an omen for Louis.  Not going to be a good day.

Thanks for reading and stay tuned.

One thought on “Not Going to be a Good Day

  1. Nope! It was a good day for Louis because you cleaned it off him.
    It was a good day for you because it did not land on your head!!!
    I have a visual.
    Laughing my head off!!!!!!!!
    Happy Wednesday
    The old lady

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