The Final Four

Hello again everyone.

As I mentioned earlier, Mur and Mur have March Madness.  And, for the most part, their brackets are busted.  The Original Mur (the Old Lady for those who have not been paying attention) is done.  While she did pick North Carolina into the Final Four, she did not predict that they would win anything, so … she’s BUSTED!  Mur the Mur (Hollywood) did pick North Carolina to play in the Finals, but picked Duke to win it all.  So, while not totally BUSTED, she is very close.


Me?  I picked Gonzaga to win it all.  So, I am not done yet.  Gonzaga can still win it all.  Then I would be the Champion!!  (Jane picked a Duke – Kansas final, so can we all say “BUSTED”.

There have been many interesting and very close games and it has been so fun so far.  Especially since I am not busted like the others.  (Wide grin.)


I am worried about the Old Lady, though.  Her bracket is busted and Kentucky lost to North Carolina in a very close game.  What will she do now?  Who will she root for??  South Carolina?  North Carolina?  Gonzaga?  Oregon?  She has a few days to decide.  (I suggest the Zags.)

I’m not as worried about Jane and Hollywood.  They are not as emotional as the Old Lady as far as the Madness is concerned.  They, too, have to pick new winners.

Here’s to a fun Final Four!

Thanks for reading and stay tuned.

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