Do’s and don’ts for Men

Hello again everyone.

I was reading the news the other day when I came across this article.  It seems that the rules are changing and men (according to this guy) need to update their ideas about etiquette.

Why do I care?  After all, the Old Lady and I have a general understanding of what works and what doesn’t.  (I think.)

Well, its because I want my girls to understand the standards they should expect from their men.  Girls, consider the following things that the article said men should and shouldn’t do:

Listening (do)

Pulling out chairs (don’t)

Holding doors (do)

Talking sweet (don’t)

Touching (don’t)

[At least until she indicates its welcome.  Otherwise, hands off, boys.]

Shaking hands (do)

Offering a compliment (depends)

[The trick here is the kind of compliment offered.  If you compliment her on her “rack”, you’ll likely get slapped.  On the other hand if you compliment her on her eyes … good things may happen.]

Paying on a date (depends)

A man must turn on his antennae and read what the woman wants. [Huh?] He should, if she reaches to pay, at least make an offer or volunteer to cover the drinks they get later.  But some women will volunteer to pay, while secretly hoping the man steps up to take the check. [Girls, if you want him to pay don’t offer.  Never assume that he is smart enough to know that you secretly want him to pay.]

Talking (do)

[Girls, if the guy is blabbing on about something you could care less about — change the subject to something he knows nothing about.  Then you’ll find out if he is a master bullshitter.  Beware master bullshitters.]

Source: Do’s and don’ts for men at work and in life

Thanks for reading and stay tuned.


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