Free Jag Rides!

Hello again everyone.

It was sometime last Fall when I last fired up the Jag.  Hollywood had taken it out for a drive and ran into trouble keeping the driver’s door closed.  Then, after she got home, she couldn’t get it to close.  What in the heck?

I was not in a hurry to try to fix the door, so the Jag sat for six lonely months.  Gathering a covering of dust, dirt and bird poo.  The tires gave up pressure and the battery went dead.  It was sad.  Would it ever regain its former glory??  Only time would tell.

On Holy Saturday I must have had too much caffeine.  After having done a bunch of other stuff (including working on my hobby) I decided to hook the dependable Expedition up to the Jag and see if I could put a charge on the battery.  A couple of hours later, I found the key (thank God!), put it in and turned.  I’ll be darned if it didn’t start right up!

Smoke was everywhere, but it was running!  With a few taps on the accelerator and the smoke was gone.  The Jag had come back to life!

So, next challenge.  See if I could get the door to close.  A little jiggling here and there and viola!  The door closed tightly!!  I opened and closed it several times … all with success.  I must be living right.

I couldn’t believe it!  The Jag was back in business!!!!

So, today, on Easter, I plan to offer free Jag rides around the neighborhood.  I’m sure that everyone in the family will want to take a ride.  It will be like the good old days … using the Jag to rescue Bailey (Jagulance).  Getting stuck in all manner of places.  Being a frequently towed vehicle on AAA’s list.  Oh, good times, good times.

Thanks for reading and stay tuned.



3 thoughts on “Free Jag Rides!

  1. hahahahhahahah “…Being a frequently towed vehicle on AAA’s list. Oh, good times, good times.”

    i can’t believe we snuck out before we could get a ride on Sunday!!! You need to be more assertive with your potential riders.

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