Time to Build an Ark

Hello again everyone.

The Old Lady and I went to Kentucky Lake last weekend.  While we were gone, it started raining in St. Louis.  And it rained for three days straight.  More than five inches of rain fell during that time.  Rivers everywhere starting flooding.  The Meramec, Current, Illinois, Missouri and Mississippi.  All of them.

Boy were we glad we were out of town.  It was partly cloudy and in the 80’s in the Land Between the Lakes.  Beautiful place.  Good food.  Great place to chill out.

So, we are back in St. Louis for a couple of days and it starts raining again.  This time they predict four inches.  I said to myself, “Self.  Its time to starting building an Ark.”  If only I had some Ark plans.  Then it hit me … the internet.  There has to be some Ark plans on the internet!


Google is my friend, so I googled “plans to build an Ark.”  Next thing I know I find all kinds of ways to build an Ark.  Everything from plans for the original ark, to plans for a backyard ark.  Not only that, people have beaten me to the punch.  There is an ark in Colorado and another in Kentucky.  Can you believe it?


I’m glad.  I don’t have the time or money to build an ark myself.  I just need to make a reservation for the next trip.  Want me to include you in my reservation?

Thanks for reading and stay tuned.

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