I Love Canada!!

Hello again everyone.

I was looking at the statistics for my blog earlier today and discovered that I have more views from my Canadian friends up north than I do from my literarily challenged “friends” in the US.  What in the heck??!


Canadians, as you know, are crazy about hockey.  I’m guessing that my blog post about the Blues’ recent season attracted all the Canadian attention.  I’m thinking that I should write about hockey more often.  That would, of course, require that I follow more than just the Blues.  And, to leverage the Canadian readers, I should probably cover one of the Canadian teams … like, maybe the Edmonton Oilers.  I’ve always liked their uniforms.


I also noticed that I had one viewer from Belgium.  I’m going to guess that this person was also interested in hockey and somehow found my single post about the Blues.  Good man … or woman.  Lets go Blues!

I’d like to see a little more interest from my literarily challenged “friends” in the US, but I think I would have to write something about Donald Trump.  That’s where all the action is these days.  But, I get little joy thinking about the Donald and all he has or has not done since he was elected.  We haven’t paid this much attention to the Russians since the end of the Cold War!

Thanks for reading and stay tuned.


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