Have You Even Heard of this Guy?

Hello again everyone.

It has come to my attention that a person named LaVar Ball might be crazy.  As far as I know, the only thing I know for sure that this man has done is father three highly skilled basketball players.  The oldest of his sons, Lonzo, played one year for UCLA and is now off to the NBA.  The pundits believe he will go in the first 5 picks of the draft.  That means he could become a Celtic or a Laker, or some other team’s mascot.

Now I have no problem with Lonzo.  He is, indeed, a very talented basketball player and worked very hard to get where he is.  He deserves everything that comes with being a top 5 NBA draft pick.

Its his looney Dad that is attracting the wrong kind of attention for Lonzo.  LaVar launched a new basketball brand and is selling a basketball shoe for $495 and UP!  A few fools actually bought the shoes.


Would you buy a used car from this guy?

Now I know very little about what makes a good basketball shoe.  Surely I don’t know what makes a basketball shoe cost $495, unless it was gold plated.

What seems to be happening here is that LaVar might be leveraging his son’s accomplishments for LaVar’s own economic benefit.  And all of the media attention might affect Lonzo’s position in the draft.  If you were a NBA GM, would you want to draft a kid whose father is a nut case and shows signs of not understanding where the line is between parent/fan and those responsible for running the team?

Anyway, this will be fun to watch, because LaVar has two younger sons who may be just as talented as Lonzo, and could play in the NBA.  One thing is clear … LaVar and Mrs. LaVar have good basketball genes.

Thanks for reading and stay tuned.

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