Day Care Fail

Hello again everyone.

Fredbird visited my granddaughter’s day care on Monday.  And Gracie dressed up for the event.


Grace is ready to meet Fredbird!

Word has it that there are no photos of Gracie or Fredbird or Gracie and Fredbird.  Huh? At the prices Gracie’s parents pay for day care, the least they can do is document the event for all of Gracie’s fans.  After all, Gracie meeting Fredbird is a monumental event (almost topping her very birth).

Naturally, the Fabulous One is sad about all of this.  She so wanted to see a photo of Gracie high living with Fredbird.  But no joy.  Maybe next time.

Thanks for reading and stay tuned.

3 thoughts on “Day Care Fail

  1. She was so mad about it she has had blowouts every day since! 🤣 Sure is showing the daycare ladies who is boss!

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