Did You Know?

Hello again everyone.

I was looking at my stats again.  (Seems like I may be focusing on that a little too much.)  Anyway, my stats say that I have posted over 500 posts to my blog.  Yes.  Thank you.  It is quite an accomplishment.

Imagine coming up with over 500 things important enough to write about … even when no one cares to read them.  Except for my literarily challenged readers.  They will read virtually anything.  That’s why I like them.


Me, relaxing on a beach at the Land Between the Lakes.

I will be available to receive congratulatory notes, gifts and awards for the next few weeks.  Then it is off on the 2017 RMNP Tour.  You will be jealous.

Thanks for reading and stay tuned.


5 thoughts on “Did You Know?

  1. This is certainly something worth celebrating!!! Perhaps a champagne toast? Perhaps cash money? Perhaps a TV show????

    • Actually, I have been thinking about the possibility of turning my posts into a book for the literarily challenged. That might even be the title of the book: “Blog Posts for the Literarily Challenged (and others)”.

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