The Big Move

Hello again everyone.

Word has it that T the T, aka Dawg, aka Rojas, aka Theresa is making the big move.  Yes, that’s right.  This is not just a move, but a BIG move.  She is moving from her current place of abode with Lauren on Balson to a new place of abode with Jordan on Delmar.  (The Old Lady’s mom and dad lived in an apartment on Delmar waaaay back in the day when then lived in St. Louis.)  So, there is some family history with this move.

The move will take place this Saturday, July 1.  I am the general manager and truck driver for the move.  The Old Lady is my first assistant.  Theresa is my slave.  (Jordan has to work. Lucky dog.)  I believe everyone else in the family arranged to be working, out of town, or injured.  Low lifes.

The largest item to be moved is the king sized tempurpedic bed.  Yes, the same one that kit the pavement on I-170 during a previous move.  This time we have a 17 foot UHaul Truck instead of a pick up.  My confidence is high that this time the bed will not fall off the truck.  I hired a couple of moose sized men to help with the move.  They will have the responsibility of handling the beast of a bed.

acquia_slate_logoThose of us involved in the move with enjoy a luncheon of Mexican food and drink at Mi Ranchito.  This may adversely affect the unpacking of boxes at the apartment after all is moved, but what in the heck.  There is plenty of time for that later.  All we really have to do is make sure the bed is set up.  That way we can all pass out on it after lunch (and a few Monster Margueritas).

T the T has informed me that she is accepting house warming presents in addition to birthday presents.  No crossovers.  (For those of you who are not familiar with “crossovers”, they are single gifts intended to cover more than one occasion.  For example, a bottle of wine intended as both a birthday gift AND a housewarming gift.)  Crossovers are bad form.  And those that give them are often referred to in most circles as “cheap skates”.  (And I am not referring to inexpensive footwear intended for use on ice.  I am referring to people who won’t open their wallet for the benefit of others.)


Dig deep and present T the T with both a birthday gift AND a separate housewarming gift.  Capish?

Oh, and Jordan is in line for a housewarming gift as well.  I already have that covered (for myself and the Old Lady, not YOU).  I presented Jordan with a fabulous Ansel Adams shot of Yosemite’s Half Dome.  What will you give Jordan as a housewarming gift?

I hear he enjoys whiskey … with an assortment of shot glasses.  (There is also a rumor circulating about a rolling hotdog cooker?)

Here’s looking forward to T the T’s big move!!!

Thanks for reading and stay tuned.

5 thoughts on “The Big Move

  1. waittttttttt!!!!!! We need to do MiRanchito for Dinner not lunch!!!!!!
    I am babysitting my beautiful Grand Grace!!! in the afternoon!!!
    and I agree with everything else!!

  2. I OBJECT! i am not a LOW LIFE! I helped and brought everyone lunch!!!! I require an amendment to the article!

    • Hollywood is correct. She is NOT a low life. She provided lunch from Subway and carried some items into T the T’s apartment from the Truck or car. She was very cheerful and a delight to have as part of our team. Thank you Hollywood. Looking forward to having you along our our 2017 RMNP Tour.

  3. It would have been nice to have a truck of your own to make this move, don’t you think…? 😉 Sorry I could not help!

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