Chillin’ in the Rocky Mountains

Hello again everyone.

RMNP Tour 2017, sponsored by Ford is in full swing.  We have been camping in Glacier Basin Campground since last Saturday.  The weather has been good, and at times, spectacular.  No heat like you literarily challenged St. Louis folks are experiencing.  Low humidity.  High temperatures below 80 degrees.  Hope you are jealous.

Participants in this years’ tour are Hollywood, Jane, the Old Lady and me.  We fit comfortably (at least I do) in my new 2016 Ford F150.  It drives like a dream.  I don’t even know the trailer is behind me when towing.  That is why Ford is sponsoring the tour this year.

Funniest comment so far on the trip was uttered by Hollywood.  I don’t remember what it was right now.  (faulty memory)

The troops are restless, so I gotta run.  Some photos to share are below.

Thanks for reading and stay tuned.

2 thoughts on “Chillin’ in the Rocky Mountains

  1. Great pics! I am glad the trustee Ford is treating you well. You are making my itch for a new truck even itchier… Gotta graduate and get that salary first, though!!

    Loving all the Cards gear. And the flag! You guys sure know how to represent.

    Those ribs… YUM!

    Again, I wish you safe travels and can’t wait to see you when you get home. LUF!

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