Getting Out of Town

Hello again everyone.

You would think that after nearly 30 years of camping (can you believe it?) getting on the road would be easy.  Pack clothes, food and equipment, hook up the camper and go!  (Then pray it all holds together without losing bikes or tires on the way.)  It did not work that way this year.

First, we had some difficulty having the camper checked out and serviced for the trip.  Our usual service provider refused to work on our camper because it was not purchased from them (yes, it seems ridiculous, but that is what the Old Lady was told.  We engaged a different provider to do the job and lets just say that their performance was poor, but expensive.

Second, we had some difficulty with service on the Expedition.  I took it in for an oil change and multipoint inspection.  It needed brakes, struts, tires and a new serpentine belt.  (Ouch)  The technician failed to note that a headlight was out and did not check out the trailer wiring harness as requested.


Next, when I drove the Expedition home one week prior to departure, the “check engine” light came on.  After a tow back to the dealer five days prior to departure and $400+ more in work, we ultimately decided to buy a new truck.  (No sense taking a chance with a car with 140,000+ miles on it.)

I picked up the new truck on the day of departure and took it to an outfitter who installed a locking bed cover so our stuff would stay dry and secure.  At 3 pm I received a call that it was ready.  By 6 pm the new truck was loaded, the camper connected and we were on the road.  Destination — Salina, KS.


Here we are.  Finally on the road.

Thanks for reading and stay tuned.

4 thoughts on “Getting Out of Town

  1. “The technician failed to note that a headlight was out and did not check out the trailer wiring harness as requested.” Sounds like he had no trouble finding all the expensive stuff… I wonder what the heck was wrong with that trailer wiring harness anyway. Did it hook right up to the truck, no problem?!

    Can’t wait to see the new truck on Sunday. I just finished replacing a seal on my [baby] truck, and when I installed it back in after about 8 hours of work in the 100 degree weather, the darn thing still puked power steering fluid. Time for a new steering gear… or maybe a new truck!

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