TV Envy

Hello again everyone.

I am not at all ashamed to confess that I have TV envy.  Yes, its true.  You would have thought that I would be beyond that given my (relatively) recent purchase of a 55 inch Sony flatscreen.  But no, someone had to get a 65 inch flatscreen and claim to have the largest tv in the “family”.

After the Old Lady and I returned from vacation, Rojass invited us over for dinner at her new, expansive digs on Delmar.  When we arrived, we were amazed to see that her tv had mushroomed in size.  It was enormous … about as big as her apartment!  Inquiring about it, we were told that J the B decided they needed a new, larger, tv in their new living room.  Something that would replicate the screen of a movie theatre.  And there it was in all of its large glory, staring us in the face.

Now I don’t want to get caught up in a game of keeping up with T the T and J the B, but I’m starting to think that an 80 inch tv would look awfully nice at my house.  (If, in fact, they make 80 inch tvs.)  Alternatively, I could “trump” them by raising the bar on my sound system.  A Bose sound bar would be really sweet (if it wasn’t so damn expensive).

My biggest problem, of course, is that I just purchased a new Ford Truck.  I can’t afford to get into a “keeping up with” game with anyone.  So I will just have to sulk for a while (and make sure I get invited over to watch the Cardinals play in the World Series).

Thanks for reading and stay tuned.

2 thoughts on “TV Envy

  1. You are so right about just waiting to be invited!!!! If you want something bigger, go to the movies!
    I am available!!!

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