Greg Brown in Town

Hello again everyone.

I am pleased to announce that my esteemed nephew, Greg Brown, is moving to the Lou.  Yes, its true.  He will be matriculating at Washington University in pursuit of his Masters in Business Administration (MBA).

IMG_5576I implore all of my readers to welcome Greg with open arms.  Show him around town.  Take him to a Cardinals game.  Take him to a Blues game.  What in the heck … take him for a ride in the Arch.  Show him what we love about our fair city.

Greg will be living in a large luxury apartment near the world famous St. Louis Zoo, not far from my alma mater, St. Louis U. High.  Best high school in the State of Missouri.

And here’s to hoping that Greg will invite his family to come visit St. Louis more often than they have in the past.  If I remember correctly, Mike and Millie let Stephanie stay with us one time when she was just a wee one.  But never again.  Not sure what the problem was.  (I think chocolate cake for breakfast with a cold glass of Coca Cola is perfect for a growing child.)

Anyway … check in with the Old Lady to get Greg’s contact information. (Don’t want to publish it here, lest some hacker would read my blog and want to do Greg harm.)

Thanks for reading and stay tuned.

2 thoughts on “Greg Brown in Town

  1. Cards game… is he not a Royals fan? We shall have to convert him over the next couple of years. This might not be the most convincing year to bring him over to our side. Ugh.

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