Vibrating Turtles for Research

Hello again everyone.

Imagine standing in a swamp in southeastern Oklahoma, up to your hips in muck. It’s humid and buggy, and a monotonous hum fills the air. What’s going on?  A vibrator is being applied to a turtle to determine his/her sex.  Yes, that is what I thought.

So why would a person be doing this?  For research, of course.

It seems that determining the sex of a turtle is no easy trick.  You can’t just catch a glance of his/her genitals.  They are hidden inside the shell.  And turtles are apparently very private.  They only “expose” themselves while involved in the big nasty.


Researchers discovered that by applying a vibrator to the correct spot, it was possible to cause a turtle to expose himself.  This made it much easier to determine the turtle’s gender.

Thanks for reading and stay tuned.

Source: A $10 sex toy helps Missouri State scientist study turtles | Education |

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