August is Here!

Hello again everyone.

The summer is not over, but it is back to school month.  Some in our gang are finished with all of that.  They do not have that kind of anxiety any more.  Its just one more month where work predominates.  And weekends are precious time off.

All of us are praying that Hollywood will have the opportunity to join the ranks of graduate students this August.  She is number 1 on the waiting list.  Not a bad place to be if you are going to be on the waiting list.  But no one wants to finish in that position.  So close … and yet so far.


This is Hollywood when she first thought about being a Veterinarian.  It obviously was not August, but a much colder time of year.

There is always the chance that life will throw someone a nasty curve ball and they will not show up for school.  In such a case, Hollywood would grab her sun glasses and drive as fast as (safely) possible to Columbia, Missouri to begin her post graduate career in Veterinary School.  If anyone up there (you know what I mean, up THERE) can intercede with the man in charge (you know, GOD) to make it possible for Hollywood to begin her career this year and  not next year, I and the rest of my family, and a lot of our friends would be most appreciative.  You who are up there know who I am talking about.

Its time to get going!!!

Thanks for reading and stay tuned.

2 thoughts on “August is Here!

  1. All my family has their fingers crossed for Miss Hollywood. The ladies and gentleman WAY upstairs are looking out for her, I am sure.

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