Please, Oh Please, Oh Please

Hello again everyone.

I am desperate.  Inconsolable.  Worried beyond belief.  There must be somebody in the incoming veterinary class at Mizzou who has something better to do this Fall than go to veterinary school.  Really.  Hollywood needs a seat (place in the incoming class). If you are part of the incoming veterinary class, that seat might as well be yours. C’mon … quit!!  Do it!!  Now!!!


I know “they” say that no one likes a quitter.  But I do.  (Especially if you are currently one of the people who have been accepted into Mizzou’s first year class at the vet school.)  I will love you (as a friend) if you quit today … or tomorrow … or on any other day that will result in Hollywood’s addition to the class.


So, do not delay, please quit today.  Take a year off.  Travel the world.  Get pregnant.  Work at the CCC.  Whatever floats your boat.  Just don’t stay in this first year class.  Give it up for Hollywood!!  Please, oh please, oh please!!!

OK.  Enough begging.

Thanks for reading and stay tuned.

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