The “Engagement”

Hello again everyone.

In reviewing the last few posts before my creative cramp, I noticed that I did not write anything about The Engagement.  How thoughtless.


Please note the smiling couple above.

It was September 2, 2017.  The man on the left took the woman on the right to dinner at a fancy restaurant.  They made the trip to St. Louis from Columbia for the occasion.  They got dressed up.

It seems that the man, Danny Boy, had a plan.  He pulled the ring from his pocket and proposed marriage to the woman, otherwise known as Hollywood.  And she said ……. YES! (and hasn’t stopped smiling since).

After dinner they drove as fast as they could to find the Old Lady and I to break the happy news.  I must say, I was quite surprised.  But nevertheless happy that my baby girl found the man of her dreams … and he found her.  (sniff, sniff.)

The “Sistas” were also pleased with this development and quickly shifted into wedding planning mode. (argh!)  It seems to me that there should be no planning until a date is set, but then again, I should remember my place in all of this — just to keep the planning within reason.

Here’s to the happy couple!

Thanks for reading and stay tuned.

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