Giancarlo Stanton

Hello again everyone.

I am in earnest prayer to the Flying Spaghetti Monster for Giancarlo Stanton to become a  St. Louis Cardinal.  If you are asking yourself who is Giancarlo Stanton, then stop reading this post and never, ever, visit my blog again.  You are clearly not a baseball fan — and therefore not one of my cherished literarily challenged readers.


Ladies, you should see his pot roasts!  A worthy Cardinal for that reason alone.  It also helps that he cranks homers like Albert Pujols.

giancarlostantonteamchangeftr111517jpg_rwz53rbclg781hzszvfxsg51uFormerly known as “Mike”, Giancarlo is the highest paid player in the MLB.  He would add mucho power to the middle of the Cards lineup and make up for the loss of Matt Holliday (and Albert).  And I want the Cardinals to get back to the playoffs!


Like I said ladies, check out those pot roasts (and stylish socks).

Thanks for reading and stay tuned.


3 thoughts on “Giancarlo Stanton

  1. A litle harsh with your readers who might just be more culturally educated as opposed to baseball educated!!! Where is your sensitive side Mountain Man?

  2. Senor Stanton would be a fine addition to the middle of the lineup, right at number four or five. That would be sweet for next year! #potroastsinSTL #HRmaster #CardinalsWSChamps18

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