Grace’s Baptism


Hello again everyone.

Seven Holy Founders was the venue for our Gracie’s Baptism.  Located in beautiful Affton, Missouri, Seven Holy Founders was founded in 1927 by the Servants of Mary.  The current Church building was built in the 1960’s.  And, best of all, its only minutes from Grace’s house.

You never really know how a Baptism will go.  Sometimes the guest of honor will scream his or her head off the entire time.  Other times it seems the baby sleeps through the whole thing.  This was neither.

Grace was awake, engaged and handled the holy water without a whimper.  Made her grandparents proud. The Holy Spirit was shining down upon her.

Here are some photos from this momentous event.

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Questionable Character

Hello again everyone.


See the baby on the right?  He gave Gracie a cold.  Looks like a little shxt, doesn’t he?  He needs to keep his hands to himself.  I’ll be “watching” him.

Oh, yes, and for those of you who don’t know.  That is my grandchild, Gracie on the left.  Isn’t she just gorgeous?  I think so.

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Father’s Day 2017

Hello again everyone.

All I can say is that it was Fabulous!  I spent an entire weekend basking in the glow of the appreciation of my children, grandchild and, of course, the Old Lady.  Its good to know that there are people out there that love you.  How else would one be able to live a happy life without the love and adoration ( er … I mean admiration) of his (or her) family??

Please allow me to say a heartfelt (tear running down my cheek) “Thank You” to all of you for your thoughtful and generous gifts.  I will accept them and use them in the spirit in which they were given.  I love each and every one of you (including, of course, my literarily challenged readers).  I am so lucky that all of you are a part (no matter how large or small) of my life!!

(The Old Lady would probably have me end my blog here, but I am going to go on a bit longer.)

Father’s Day, like Mother’s Day, is a celebration of the Family.  You see, the father (in this case, me) could not possibly have completed his original fatherly duty (otherwise known as the OFD) if it were not for the following people:  His mother and father, and of course, his wife (or significant other).  All of that leads to children, who in turn, together with their spouses, and/or significant others, produce grandchildren and so forth.  The “circle of life” sort of thing.

This creates a family. (sniff – I need a tissue).  I love mine, including those who are related to the Old Lady.  They may be “across the aisle” so to speak, but they and their spouses and/or significant others are a huge part of my family.

Thanks for reading and stay tuned.

Here is a short video of some of my family members at a recent family gathering.

Remember When?

Hello again everyone.

I love doing these “Remember When?” posts.  Find a good picture and let ‘er rip.  Today’s selection comes from one of our adventures in the Tetons.  Rojas’s is doing her best imitation of Grace when she’s upset.  Of course, at the time Rojas made this face, we did not yet know Grace.  How could she imitate someone she has never met?  And what would Mimi tell her??


Anyway, we know that Rojas’s has many talents, and this must be one.  So when she makes a face, remember it because you may come across that countenance on another person later in life.

Thanks for reading and stay tuned.

Checking for Ticks

Hello again everyone.

I was looking back through some of my pictures and noticed this one:


I’m not sure what the Old Lady and I were doing.  Checking Gracie for Ticks, maybe?  They are dangerous.

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