Harbingers of Danger

Hello again everyone.

I have discovered definitive proof that squirrels (and chippies) are harbingers of danger.  And not only in the wild.  They are problems in the City as well.   Indiana University-Purdue University, Indianapolis have studied the little critters and had this to say:

When visiting Indiana University-Purdue University Indianapolis, it may be best to cover your ankles from the hostile and possibly disease-ridden squirrels.

“Recently, there have been reports of aggressive squirrels around the IUPUI campus,” the school wrote in a Campus Life blog post on July 25. “Squirrels may look cute, and they are fun to watch scampering about, but they should not be treated as pets.”

Squirrels are known to carry diseases such as rabies, salmonella and even plague, the university said. IUPUI students and workers are advised to stop feeding the furry menaces.

“If fed by humans often enough, they will stop foraging for their own food and will rely on humans,” the university said.

When squirrels get used to being fed, they lose their fear and start approaching people for a handout. If they don’t get food, the university said, the squirrels may attack.

“Squirrels are wild animals and should be left alone to coexist in our community,” the university said. “Please leave IUPUI campus squirrels alone.”

So, beware the squirrel (say “squirrel”).  If you are attacked, kick the crap out of the attacking critter.

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Source: Indiana University-Purdue University warns of squirrel attacks

I Need to Know

Hello again everyone.

You can never start planning too early.  At least as it applies to vacation.  So, we need to establish the destination for next year’s vacation.  From there we will establish a time frame and next thing you know we’ll be off and running.


If you are interested in joining me and mine in our 2018 adventure, make sure you vote below.

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Kute Kitty

Hello again everyone.

As you know, I am not particularly fond of cats.  When I was a teenager, I used to threaten to shot put my sister Betsy’s cats into the back yard from the back porch.  My friend, Frank, joined me in this prank.  We would place one of Betsy’s cats in our hand as if it were a shot (large metal ball) and act as if we were going to throw them from the porch as far as we could into the back yard.

Of course, we never did it.  But boy did Betsy scream and holler anyway.

We called this activity “Pussy Putting” (the word “Putting” pronounced in a way that the “u” in “putting” matched the “u” in “pussy” and the word “pussy” referring  to the cat … not that other thing.)

That brings me to the point of today’s post.  Hollywood is working at the City Cat Clinic (CCC).  They don’t treat any animals other than cats.  No dogs, gerbils, rats,  mice or other critters.  Just cats (including lions).

As a result, Hollywood comes into contact with many cats (and kittens) on a daily basis.  As the CCC is in the City, she often comes across cats who have been abused or were born into cat poverty.  When they come in they are often in bad shape.  Some in really bad shape.

The other day, Hollywood had the good fortune to treat a kitten that was particularly cute.  Even to me.  So I had to share a photo of this kitty with my literarily challenged readers.  Here she is.

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Should We Go Back to Glacier?

Hello again everyone.

I don’t know if I was dreaming or not, but I have a memory of someone suggesting that we go to Glacier next year for our trip.  Then I came across this article about the first casualties at the hands (or should I say paws) of grizzly bears in Glacier.  It is an interesting article that I thought you might enjoy reading.

Fifty years ago this month, bears killed two young campers. But it soon became clear that the animals weren’t to blame.

Source: The true story of two fatal grizzly bear attacks that changed our relationship with wildlife – The Washington Post

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Sharp Shooter & Jamboree: Grandparents Again!!

Hello again everyone.

Word out of Kansas City is that Jamie and Neil had baby girl number 2 on August 2.  That means that Sharp Shooter and Jamboree are Grandparents for the second time!!  Alleluia, Alleluia, lets party!

Mom and baby are doing well.  Grandparents are doing unbelievably well!!

Congratulations to all involved, including the doctors, nurses, and other professionals at the hospital, and especially to Alice, who now has a little sister to play with!!

Lets get all these kids together and have a real party!

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